Sunday, April 29, 2018

Triple Foil Madness

Couple of Limited run triple foil designs for MVP.

MVP Electron ATOM

MVP Neutron VERTEX on top of Electron ENVY and Proton Macro TESLA

Element Discs and No Bounds

Element Discs Series #2: Skulboy Designs.

No Bounds logo

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Skulboy 2017 Disc Golf Sculpture

Didn’t get much chance to post in the blog during the year, so here are the Sculptures, Stamps and Events photos from 2017.

Always looking for a way to bring Sculpting experience to the game of Disc Golf.
Possibilities are endless.

2017 started with the debut of FISTFUL OF CHAINS Basket Base.

Rough sketches for obstacle and basket bases.

The sketch that started the process of making GET OFF MY LAWN 
Disc Golf Sculpted Obstacle a reality.

Block up and armature map drawing for full size sculpture.

Scale model sculpted with Monster Clay and silicone mold.

Casted and painted GET OFF MY LAWN scale model.

Stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Skulboy 2017 Disc Golf Stamps

Didn’t get much chance to post in the blog during the year, so here are the Sculptures, Stamps and Events photos from 2017.

Again, Massive Thank You to everyone who enjoyed, supported, collected and threw Discs with Skulboy artwork on them. It is very much greatly appreciated!

Tasty Plastic to follow in order of their release.


Big Gig/Skulboy stamp on Legacy Pinnacle PHENOM.

Unauthorized Discraft Glow BUZZZ Mini. Only 100 stamped with "Discraft Buzzz" wording.

Axiom Neutron MAYHEM

Mint Sublime ALPHA 2nd Run

Axiom Neutron PANIC

"Create Your Own Reality" for Noah and Jenny.

Winged Skull custom Axiom Electron ENVY

Skulboy 2017 Events

Didn’t get much chance to post in the blog during the year, so here are the Sculptures, Stamps and Events photos from 2017.

Was a great privilege to be part of establishing Disc Golf at Weddington Golf and Tennis in Studio City.
The staff there was awesome to work with and Ball Golfers’ attitude towards the Disc Golfers was curiosity and welcoming. Gorgeous course on top of all that.
Here are some Skulboy Posters from a couple of events there.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fistful Of Chains

Fistful Of Chains, Skulboy's second Sculpted Basket Base.
Sculpted out polystyrene,  hardcoated and painted to look like sandstone.
Fitted to a MVP Black Hole Portal.

Big Gig / Skulboy Present

Very excited to announce that local legend, Richard "Big Bird" Mailhot and I have combined force to bring you: Big Gig / Skulboy Present. Check out our Facebook page Here.
Our main goal, MORE DISC GOLF!

Our first event is bringing Disc Golf to Rancho Duarte Golf Course for a once a month, trial run tournament. 10 holes with 4 par 4s and 1 par 5. Going to be awesome.


We're then following that up with Monday & Tuesdays at Weddington Golf Course in 
Studio City, CA. Sweet 9 hole course. 

Stay Tuned, more Disc Golf to come.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 Skulboy Stamps and Such

A look back at Skulboy's 2016 stamps and such.
Most of the discs below can still be found in the Skulboy Store.

Finished 2016 with this illustration for the 2017 Fantasy Disc Golf Calendar.

Re-release of Legacy's first custom stamp on 5 Year Anniversary Cannon 
and the collaborative MVP Fan Stamp.

MVP Disc Sports continues to be the leader of innovation in Disc Golf.
The ability to do precision triple foil stamping puts them at a whole new level.
Catalyst was Skulboy's first 3-foil stamp.

Yep, Skull Bullet. Legacy Outlaw.

2-color Axiom Thrill.

D-Money on Legacy Legend plastic.

Couple of designs for Oak Grove, World's First Disc Golf course.

Axiom Crave double stamp on Plasma plastic.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Inktober 2016

Each year, I participate in INKTOBER. One ink drawing for everyday of October.
The following are the Disc Golf related ones.

Top 3 are sketches for Skulboyland Disc Golf Course 
and below is the Legacy Patriot.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Basket Of Doom!

For some time now, I've been trying to figure out a way to bring my experience as a Sculptor of Movie Sets to the game of Disc Golf. The result is the Skulboy Sculpted Basket Base.
This will be the first of many to come.

Starts with a block of polystyrene.

Sculpted with knife, curry comb and rifler

The final sculpted base: hard-coated, painted and installed on a MVP Pro Practice Basket.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Skulboy's MVP Circuit 2016

New and Improved Flyer!

Player's Pack!

It's Happening!
Skulboy's MVP Circuit returns to Verdugo Hills Golf/Disc Course on August 13th, 2016

Exclusive Skulboy Custom Event Stamp 

Saturday, July 2, 2016


2016: Yep, already half over, I know.

First up, Skulboy Store is back open!

I apologize for the complete lack of post, but if you've been keeping an eye on the Skulboy Facebook Page, you've noticed I've been keeping busy with work and all things Disc Golf. Check the Gallery Page for the latest Skulboy artwork.
I spent the last 8 months working in Georgia as a Sculptor for the film Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol.2. Although I can't say anything about the movie, I can tell you I found some outstanding Disc Golf course in Georgia. Below are some photos of some very challenging courses that combined everything from tight wooded alleyways, water hazards, and large open fields.

Boundary Waters Park: Douglasville, GA

J.P. Moseley Park: Stockbridge, GA

Oregon Park: Marietta, GA

McCurry Park: Fayetteville, GA

Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park: Griffin, GA

International Disc Golf Center: Augusta, GA

Once my stint in Georgia was finished, I hopped over to Michigan and had the honor of meeting MVP Disc Sports Brad and Chad Richardson to talk business and play some Disc Golf.

Ultra Collector Brett, Chad, Skulboy and Brad.

Gorgeous Ball/Disc Golf course in Marlette, MI.