Wednesday, July 29, 2020

SHAKA HEAD Skulboy Sculpted Basket Base

 I was commissioned By Sean Garner of Legacy Team Shaka to create 
a Sculpted Basket Base, based of his logo. 

Started out with a scale drawing to figure out the block up of the full size sculpture.
The logo wouldn't work within the standard 2' space between the ground and the bottom of the basket, so I also had to come up with a solution to raise the basket an extra 1' off the ground.

From that drawing, the front and side profiles were drawn full size 
on a block of 1.5 lb of polystyrene and were then hot wired.

The sculpture was then defined with more hot wiring and a filet knife.

Checking the progress with the original logo.

The finished polystyrene sculpt.

Sculpt was taken to DeRouchey Foam for a double coating.
First layer was a rubber, bed liner material and then a hard-coat shell on top 
that could be sanded, shopped and painted.

Final step was the paint job. I used exterior house paint to help keep it weather resistant.

Sean ended up being very happy with the final result and is excited to take it to Team Shaka events.

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