Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Disc Or Die curates: The Skulboy Mythical Disc Golf Course

During several years of Inktober (one ink drawing for every day of October,) I have sketched my fair share of Fantasy style Disc Golf situations.
Paul of Disc Or Die joined me for a round while in LA on business and pitched an idea. A 18 disc series each highlighting a hole on a Skulboy Dream Course, based on my Inktober sketches.
"Disc Or Die curates: The Skulboy Mythical Disc Golf Course" was born.

Each Limited Edition of 50 per hole of the course comes bagged with header board, signed and numbered COA card and a sticker.

The following is what has been released up to Aug, 2019.
- Hole 1: Standing Stones Hand *MVP Neutron Ion* 
               (50) triple-foil, numbered.  
               (50) triple-foil misprint (highlight and color foils swapped.)
               (50) single-foil

- Hole 2: Giant's Ribcage *Axiom Plasma Envy*
               (50) double-foil, numbered
               (50) single-foil

- Hole 3: Roots of the Goddess *MVP Proton Atom*
               (50) double-foil, numbered
               (50) single-foil

- Hole 4: Demon's Mouth *MVP Fission Photon*
               (50) single-foil, numbered

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