Have you ever tried to find a disc or disc golf equipment with a really bitchin' skull on it. I know I have.
Because of that, I'm illustrating some custom graphics with a slightly darker edge to be hot stamped onto discs and eventually printed on apparel. I'm just hoping there's more players out there like me that are looking for the same thing.

I'm Skulboy!   My real name however is Duncan Crawford and I'm an artist with a real passion for Disc Golf. Although I have been playing the sport since the 80's, 2010 was the first time I entered a PDGA sanctioned tournament. I did the graphics for the event, competed well and had a blast. The experience revitalized my desire to play, compete, get the latest plastic and check out new courses.
This has all led to the next step of creating Skulboy Designs. The idea is to produce an artist series of hot stamped discs with images that I think would be cool additions to anybody's golf bag or hanging on a wall. Expect to see collectible new designs in small runs every  6 months stamped on the latest, hottest drivers, reliable standards and the tried and true classics.

For a look at a more 3 dimensional version of my work, click the link to my website showcasing the sculpting I've been a part of in the Motion Picture Industry.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy what you see.

In case you would like to listen to more about our Art World, the following is a link to a podcast interview my wife, Akiko, and I did with awesome artist Chris Oatley for his blog.

ArtCast #54