Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Skulboy 2017 Disc Golf Stamps

Didn’t get much chance to post in the blog during the year, so here are the Sculptures, Stamps and Events photos from 2017.

Again, Massive Thank You to everyone who enjoyed, supported, collected and threw Discs with Skulboy artwork on them. It is very much greatly appreciated!

Tasty Plastic to follow in order of their release.


Big Gig/Skulboy stamp on Legacy Pinnacle PHENOM.

Unauthorized Discraft Glow BUZZZ Mini. Only 100 stamped with "Discraft Buzzz" wording.

Axiom Neutron MAYHEM

Mint Sublime ALPHA 2nd Run

Axiom Neutron PANIC

"Create Your Own Reality" for Noah and Jenny.

Winged Skull custom Axiom Electron ENVY

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