Monday, June 16, 2014

Skulboy Sculpted Mini: Paint Process

Chain-Chomper full-color Skulboy Sculpted Mini
has a 8 step paint process and here is the breakdown.

After the mini is casted in urethane resin, it is sanded and any air bubbles on the underside are filled. Both sides are then sprayed with an off-white primer which becomes the bone colored base.

First up is the medium yellow which is painted in to represent the shadows.

Following the yellow is an umber paint to help deepen the shadows and define the lines.
Next is a white dry-brush technique on the high spots to establish the highlights.
The mini is then spayed with a clear, matte varnish to lock down all the colors to that point.
The final touches are: gloss white on the eyes, metallic silver on the chains and red in the pupils.

Ready for the chains and the glaring red pupil.

Once complete, the Chain-Chomper is flipped over, numbered, dated and signed.
It is definitely a time consuming endeavor, but rewarding.

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