Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Astounding Genesis of the MVP SHOCK Collaboration!

I've been creating artwork for the sport of Disc Golf since 2009 and what follows is the story of my first ever collaboration on a disc stamp.

It was Wednesday, January 16th in the year 2013 during the morning hours when a thread was started on the Disc Golf Course Review (DGCR) forum pertaining to MVP's latest announcement of their new Fairway Driver, Shock.

Later that day, I posted a question to Zam (renowned Disc Golf artist) in the forum about wether or not he had a 1st Run custom stamp in the works and got the response: "That ground is yours to blaze."
I immediately jotted down a rough sketch idea featuring the character I created for the Skulboy Signature MVP Volt, Doc Volt.

Shortly after that DGCR member, Onemilemore, suggested a collaboration between Zam and I. That's when the e-mailing began.

(Click for larger view)
On the left is Zam's "napkin" sketch of his collab idea. I then sent him my initial rough sketch of my solo idea.

Zam came back with a new rough combining the 2 and I replied with a rough sketch of my half to make sure we were on the same page.

During this time, Onemilemore had started a new DGCR thread with a poll posing the question of wether we should do a collaboration stamp or not.
I became a little worried as several "no" votes were cast and comments like "I don't like skulls" appeared. Screw 'em we said, this project was too much fun.

I dropped everything because the deadline was extremely short and illustrated my half. Scanned it, cleaned it up in Photoshop and e-mailed it to Zam Saturday morning.
Next thing you know, It's Monday and the pre-order is up. Phew.

This is the final artwork for the MVP Shock 2-color Limited Edition 1st Run stamp.
Metal dies are made and the stamping begins

Here is the link for more information at Disc Nation.
I will have a Super Special Signed version for sale soon after the initial release.

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