Sunday, June 10, 2012

SoCal Cannonball Run 2012

Whoa. Cannonball Run tournament on three different Disc Golf courses, 63 total holes, in one day.

First course, the gorgeous, seasonal 27 hole Sky High in Wrightwood, CA. Set on a sky resort mountain top with big trees and even bigger views. Right at the top of my all-time favorite courses I've played, Sky High is truly a treat.

Unwanted Discs? This is the spot for you to launch them off the side of a mountain, 
never to be seen again.

UFO or disc heading towards the basket?

Second course, the world class, 18 hole Sylmar Veterans Park. After the grueling 27 holes at Sky High, the TD showed mercy and the set pin placements in their short positions. Plenty of birdie potential here.

 After a dinner break, as dusk settles, the final round gets under way.
 Third course, the beautifully manicured 18 hole Verdugo Hills. Installed on lighted ball golf course with lots of OB including all ball golf greens, proved to be very challenging. 

Night time DG is where Verdugo Hills really shines.

After 63 holes my arm was sore and my feet hurt, but what a blast it was. I personally didn't have any highlights, but did get to see some outstanding Disc Golf play. Big congrats to Aaron Hagner who's card I played on at Sky High and who went on to win the Intermediate division.
Awesome event.

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