Sunday, October 9, 2011

RABBIT FLATS Disc Golf Course: Thousand Oaks, CA

In another creative use of land, we have Rabbit Flats in Thousand Oaks, CA. A course with a little something for everyone. The layout consists of 9 tee pads with 3 baskets for each.

 Tee pad at bottom right of photo.

Red basket for novices, Blue basket for front 9 and yellow basket for back 9. So 9 tees and 27 holes if you want to throw to every basket. To add to the challenge, there was plenty of OB. For example, on the hole pictured above, anything beyond the tree line past the blue is OB and for the yellow basket, you must land within the rock circle with your tee shot. Throw in some well designed holes that utilize the terrain and you have a pretty decent course.
My buddy and I played on a Monday afternoon and there was several other groups of golfers. I could see this being a factor on a busy weekend with only the 9 tees.

Nice view at the top of the hill.

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