Sunday, July 31, 2011

New York Disc Golf

Recently took a trip back to New York for family and friends and snuck in a few games of Disc Golf.
Basil Marella in Rochester, NY.

Safe to say that a fitting description for Basil would be "wooded."
Photo took from the fairway.

A week before the AM Worlds Championship was to be held in Rochester, this course was very well groomed and looking great.

Lots of trees, a few hills and a creek that came into play on several hole.

After playing the desert courses in New Mexico, it was a real treat to play in the shade. Basil Marella turned out to be a fun and VERY challenging course with an easy to follow layout.

Wolfe Woods in New York, NY.

Wolfe Woods is located at the bottom of the hill at the gorgeous, world class Warwick course.

As you can see, a lot of work has gone into making Wolfe Woods a welcoming round of Disc Golf. Also a challenging course with many trees and water hazards to keep you on your toes and rewarding accuracy.

Excellent tee signs and tee pads for both pros and amateurs. Playing with someone familiar with the layout was key though as there was a lot of ground to cover between baskets and tee pads. I would probably still be wandering around those woods if I was on my own.

Local Legend "Whitey" was on hand to guide me through the course. This guy hit chains on 2 holes driving with a Roc (Skulboy Designs Winged Demon stamp no less) and absolutely chewed up the front 9 shooting 8 under par. Dude was on fire!
Sweet course and a fun day.

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